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FALL 2017

Advocacy Update: BC ACE Supports Vancouver’s Renewable City Strategy

On November 1st, Vancouver City Council approved an update on the Renewable City Strategy. The goal of the Strategy is to ensure that Vancouver derives all of its energy from renewable sources prior to 2050. This update is to keep the City on track to achieve its targets, and realize the range of potential economic, environmental and health benefits. BC ACE board member Christine Gustafson spoke to council in support of the Strategy on behalf of the association.

BC ACE understands the potential for growth in jobs as the City transitions to 100% renewable energy to be significant, and we support the City’s commitment to develop cost effectiveness solutions and engagement each step of the way. We are keen to continue conversations with the City on the economic impacts, energy system impacts, and ensuring industry feedback remains a part of the strategy going forward.

See the full report here.

Fall Event: Panel Discussion on the BC Energy Step Code

BC is committed to taking incremental steps to increase energy efficiency requirements in the BC Building Code to achieve net-zero ready buildings by 2032. To achieve this, the BC Energy Step Code, a voluntary standard within the BC Building Code, was enacted in April 2017.

BCACE invited members and potential members to a panel discussion with representatives from the BC Standards & Safety Branch, utilities, and local governments on the implementation strategy, roles and responsibilities, and opportunities and challenges for the Energy Step Code. We also explored plans for industry support, such as training and incentives, and capacity building processes within municipalities.

Panelists included:

  •        Zachary May: BC Standards & Safety Branch
  •       Robyn Wark: BC Hydro
  •       Norm Connolly: City of New Westminster
  •       Brendon McEwen: City of Richmond

Download the presentation here.



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