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Postponed: Energy Management for the Cannabis Industry

Update: This event has been postponed and will no longer take place on April 1st. Please check back for new date.

Legalized recreational cannabis use in Canada has led to dramatic shifts in the operations and production of agricultural companies across the nation as several new facilities are being added or planned.  Cannabis cultivation is energy intensive, at as much as 6 MWhe per kilogram of final product, according to U.S. figures.

There is opportunity for utilities to use their demand side management resources to improve customers’ system designs and to avoid increases in utility supply and distribution costs, customer site GHG emissions, and producers’ costs.  Lighting, heating, cooling, humidification and CO2 controls, along with the operation systems, offer fertile ground for applied energy use efficiency to play a major role in the economic and environmental success of these facilities. 

Please join the BC Advanced Conservation and Efficiency Association for this in-depth view of how the resource needs of the cannabis industry can be met with system design and efficient energy end use equipment and controls.  And what the opportunity is for utilities to manage load growth with demand side measures and avoid increases to supply costs. 

More details and link to registration coming soon…