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Cannabis Industry: Best Energy Practices - Webinar

Given recent passage of federal legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, the time is now to begin working with growers and facility managers to establish energy baselines and to learn which types of energy efficient technologies will be most likely to be adopted at scale by Canadian growers

Be sure to attend this webinar on December 7, 2018, hosted by the BC Advanced Conservation and Efficiency Association (  John Morris from D&R International, and Eric Stern from Cultivate Energy Optimization will walk attendees through an in-depth presentation on cannabis grow facilities, valuable lessons learned from hundreds of indoor agriculture audits in Colorado and program implementation recommendations.  Time will be reserved for in-depth Q&A’s.

BCACE is pleased to be able to bring energy efficiency opportunities to this emerging agriculture sector.  Being ready to assist the industry in its early development demonstrates the capability of the energy efficiency sector.  It is exciting to be capturing these opportunities with this emerging industry as it prepares to become a major contributor to the economy, livelihood, and well-being of so many. 

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